Alberta Mule Deer Hunting Trips

Mule Deer Hunting in Alberta, Canada

Our Alberta mule deer hunts are done a couple of ways: spot and stalk type of hunt or tree stand hunting in transition and in feeding areas. We like to offer the mule deer hunt as a combo hunt for a trophy fee. It is also a great hunt for your wife, son or daughter. There is some pretty good mule deer hunting in the area. They seem to inhabit just certain pockets because the whitetail have taken over a lot of the area. Therefore, we concentrate our hunt in the places where the mulies hang out. The current B&C world record mule deer was harvested in the area. It was a long time ago, but you know that the genetics will still be here to grow some horn. Expect to see mule deer bucks in the 125" -160" range.


We have 2 choices for booking a mule deer hunt. Option one will let you book a 6 or 9 day mule deer hunt for the price shown below (6 day - $1800 or 9 day - $2300). Option two would be if you are already coming for whitetail or elk and wanted to add a mule deer hunt during your stay. That means a $750 trophy fee if a mule deer is harvested. If a mule deer is not harvested, there are no additional fees for adding the mule deer to the hunt.


(OPTION 1 ) Hunts are fully guided and include meals and lodging and there are no trophy fees.

  • 6-Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt: $1800

  • 9-Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt: $2300

(OPTION 2) Booking a whitetail or elk hunt & want to add a mule deer hunt?

  • Mule Deer Add-On: $1000 with a $750 trophy fee

* A 50% down payment is due at the time of booking.
* The remaining balance is due before the hunt begins.
* Non-hunting guests are welcome. There is a $100 per day charge for each non-hunter.

World Record Mule Deer Buck Taken in Alberta, Canada
No we can't take credit for this one! Although, we thought it would be nice to show you that the largest mule deer ever was harvested in our area. The "Chip Lake Buck" scored 355 inches Boone & Crockett.